Career Exploration Resources

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    Accessibility and Inclusion in the Workplace

    • Youth Culture Podcast: Accessibility and Inclusion with Wanda Deschamps

    • Relevant Articles: Top 5 Ways to Build an Accessible and Inclusive Workplace (Heartmanity)

    • Relevant Articles: Accessibility In The Workplace: 10 Ways To Make Your Office More Inclusive (Energy Resourcing)

    • Relevant Articles: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Benefits and Challenges

    • Relevant Articles: HR Inclusive Policy Toolkit Inclusive Workplace (CASE)

    • Relevant Articles: Digital accessibility benefits everyone (Epic)

    • Video: Why Is Accessible Design Good for Everyone (ARTiculations)

    • Relevant Articles: What is Assistive Technology? (Assistive Technology Industry Association)

    • Relevant Articles: What is Digital Accessiblity? (ipedis)