Career Exploration Resources

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    • Relevant Articles: Current Challenges and Opportunities for Space Technologies (Frontiers in Space Technologies)

    • Youth Culture Interview: Space Engineering with Megan Gran

    • Video: 3 Months On Mars: Perseverance (ElderFox Documentaries)

    • Video: Expert on the future of commercial space travel (CBS)

    • Video: How Ingenuity Talks to Us From Mars (NASA)

    • Relevant Articles: The future of space exploration: beyond the International Space Station (Government of Canada)

    • Video: How We Are Going to the Moon - 4K (NASA)

    • Relevant Articles: What Is Space Security and Why Does It Matter? (Project MUSE)

    • Video: HOW IT WORKS: The International Space Station (DOCUMENTARY TUBE)

    • Relevant Articles: What is a CanSat? (The European Space Agency)

    • Relevant Articles: NASA International Internship (NASA I2) Project (Government of Canada)

    • Relevant Articles: Astro Pi challenge (Government of Canada)