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    The Future of Drones

    • Career Overview: Drone Pilot

    • Audio: Career Overview: Drone Pilot

    • Relevant Articles: Drone Jobs Guide: How and Where to Find Work as a Drone Pilot or Industry Professional (UAV Coach)

    • Video: Future of Drones and Airborne Autonomy (TEDx Talks)

    • Relevant Articles: Meet Canada's youngest drone pilot with Advanced Operations license(DroneDJ)

    • Video: How to Make Money With Your Drone (UAV Coach)

    • Relevant Articles: Technical Occupations in Geomatics and Meteorology (Government of Ontario)

    • Relevant Articles: Alberta Researchers Fly Drones to Remote Indigenous Communities for COVID-19 Medical Help (CBC News)

    • Relevant Articles: How Teachers Are Using Drones to Make Math Fun For Kids (DroneDJ)

    • Video: Is It Too Late To Start a Drone Business? (Dronero)

    • Video: Top Tips For Starting Your Drone Business (UAVisuals)

    • Relevant Articles: Air Pilots, Flight Engineers and Flying Instructors (Government of Ontario)

    • Relevant Articles: Drone License and Pilot Certification in Canada (AltexAcademy)

    • Discussion Questions: Drones